Sweden’s trains still running thanks to Windows 95

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On August 24, Microsoft celebrated the 25th birthday of one of the most popular operating systems, Windows 95, and although for many it has been left behind, some trains in Sweden continue to use it. Thomas Tydal, train conductor, teacher and software developer at his company Tydal Systems, has explained through the question and answer site Quora that, to the surprise of many, some trains in Sweden still use the Windows 95 operating system.


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Despite the fact that Tydal has assured that at home he has not used Windows 95 since 2001, when he upgraded to Windows 2000 and later to Windows XP and Linux, he has affirmed that at his work “it is a different story.”

Tydal has published a series of photographs of “his office” through Quora, where he also explains that the trains he works with have a touch screen in which everything works with Windows 95. “Some of our trains have been updated to Windows XP, but most of them still work with Windows 95 as when they were delivered in 2000, “explains Tydal.

“In 2000, Windows 95 was really something new compared to the older trains that we were operating at the time,” he adds. But these Swedish trains are not the only example, as some Hacker News users claim that Windows 95 has been used at least until 2016 at the Arecibo observatory, in Puerto Rico. A former employee of the Arecibo observatory assures that some systems continued to work with Windows 95 and “since they had been working for around 20 years, convincing them that they needed to replace it was difficult.”

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