Construction of the world’s longest submerged tunnel has just started | submerged tunnel construction

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After more than ten years of administrative battles and studies, construction of the longest submerged tunnel in the world has officially started. Submerged tunnel method. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel, which will link Denmark and Germany, will be 18 kilometres long. Its opening is scheduled for 2029.

submerged tunnel construction

The Fehmarn Belt is a strait separating Denmark from Germany. Its width is 18 km and its depth is 20 to 30 meters. Until now, only a ferry service has been used to connect the German port of Puttgarden to the port of Rødby every 30 minutes in the municipality of Lolland, Denmark. But not for long. It will soon be possible to reach the two points by road or on the rails, thanks to a submerged tunnel.

One of the largest ongoing infrastructure projects in Europe

The idea for this project was born in 2008. From then on, Germany and Denmark signed a treaty for the construction of the tunnel. However, it took several years for the necessary legislation to be passed by both countries. Geotechnical and environmental impact studies also had to be carried out.

submerged tunnel method

The construction of the tunnel finally started a few weeks ago on the Danish side. A new port will soon be built in Lolland, as well as a factory in which the 89 concrete sections that will make up the tunnel will be assembled. Each section will be 217 meters long, 42 meters wide and nine meters high and weigh 73,000 tonnes. Work will continue over the next few years before switching to the German side.

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