Spanish researchers develop artificial intelligence for the care of chronic patients

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The La Fe de València Health Research Institute (IIS) has started the SmartChronic project , which will develop artificial intelligence tools to define and deploy integrated care itineraries for patients with complex chronic diseases that require long-term care.

These itineraries will be designed according to the fragility of the patients and will be based on their behavior and specific needs, reports the Generalitat in a statement.

It is a multidisciplinary action, focused on the patient and aimed at determining the degree of frailty of each individual and optimizing care plans through the application of predictive analytical techniques and non-invasive monitoring of patients.

It is thus intended to guide the decision-making of professionals and managers, as well as to improve the coordination, collaboration and integration of all the agents involved in the care of patients with complex chronic diseases.

In short, it is about contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of the health system and the improvement of the health conditions and quality of life of people, the same sources have indicated.

The SmartChronic project is led by the Mixed Unit in ICT applied to the reengineering of socio-sanitary processes of the La Fe Health Research Institute and has received funding from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) in the last call for innovation aid.

SmartChronic counts the participation of the companies Nunsys, Outcomes’10, the Polibienestar Research Institute of the University of Valencia and the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI).

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