Social networks in pandemic this has influenced its use by the Spanish

Social networks in pandemic: this has influenced its use by the Spanish

When 2020 began, no one could imagine that it was going to be such an unusual year. The spread of the Covid-19 virus and the state of alarm decreed in many countries, including Spain, plunged us into a confinement for which not everyone was prepared.

However, among many of the activities that Spaniards did at home, as a way to make up for the social isolation to which we were forced from one day to the next, the use of social networks stands out . These platforms have accompanied us during the confinement and de-escalation and are a key indicator of the digital behavior of users.

But … have our digital habits changed during the pandemic? What social networks have been the most used in Spain?

Social networks, companions in confinement
In general, the use of social networks grew during the months of confinement . This is demonstrated by the data provided by the GfK Digital Insights team , which has analyzed the use of social networks in 2020 through the navigation data of an online panel representative of the Spanish population over 18 years of age.

On the one hand, ‘classic’ social networks have been analyzed , that is, those that have been with us for more years. Facebook is the social network that has had the most recurrence, registering more than one billion sessions every month since March. Going deeper into the analysis, we see that, on average, each user registered about 56 sessions in the month of March.

It is followed by Instagram , which also experienced great growth during confinement, exceeding 800 million monthly sessions since April, a month with around 49 sessions per user.

In addition, YouTube has also seen its use increased among the Spanish. A peak of more than 600 million sessions in April stands out, which in addition to the consumption of usual entertainment content, perhaps can be explained by the increase in videos related to playing sports at home , another of the activities that has served as an escape route for many Spaniards when they still couldn’t leave home.

Finally, tweeters have also increased their activity on Twitter . The microblogging network peaked in May, surpassing 300 million monthly sessions and 37 sessions per user. Its informative nature and its instantaneous nature were important incentives for the increase of its use, especially in a month in which citizens demanded detailed information on de-escalation, the update of cases by communities and the measures and restrictions of each phase.

TikTok and Snapchat: the evolution of young social networks
In addition to the more traditional social networks, the daily life of Internet users can no longer be understood without other younger platforms that are highly focused on entertainment . This is the case of Snapchat and TikTok , which for many people have served as evasion during the harshest months of the pandemic.

The success of TikTok is not new. His music videos and viral challenges have been winning over users, especially during confinement. And it is that, while at the beginning of the year TikTok was approximately at the level of Snapchat, after the state of alarm was decreed the traffic originated by the network soared with an impressive growth in the number of monthly sessions.

The curve of our cover image speaks for itself, but so does the data. Both Snapchat and TikTok reached their highest peak during confinement , but with a not inconsiderable difference: Snapchat achieved it in April with more than 16 million sessions, while TikTok swept in May exceeding 52 million . Furthermore, both social networks have witnessed a progressive increase in the number of sessions per individual during confinement, which translates into greater user loyalty.

In short, the Chinese app TikTok, which is likely to be acquired by Microsoft , is increasingly established in the habits of users, also in Spain. Although it still maintains a considerable distance from the most established platforms in terms of use, it is true that it is gaining more and more prominence on the social media scene, as well as the interest of brands in it and, consequently, from investors.

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