So thieves can duplicate your house keys with this new method

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While it is true that smart locks are much safer than traditional locks, their use is also very limited in Spain. Or put another way, almost all of us continue to open our doors with the usual key. Which makes us more vulnerable to theft than those with those built-in digital systems. And that’s something thieves count on, who always find a way to manipulate them. However, after the discovery announced by the University of Singapore , they now have it even easier.

To do this, they only need a mobile phone and an application to record sounds

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To do this, they only need a mobile phone and an application to record sounds. This system is known as SpiKey and works with pin tumbler locks, that is, those that need a lifelong saw key. In such a way that, when it is already inserted, it will push the six springs to different heights, and after aligning them, they will allow the drum to rotate and unlock the lock.It is, therefore, one of the most common types of locks in Spain, which makes this new method especially worrying.

The starting point of the attack is the noise that the key makes when it is inserted into the lock. Thus, with a simple recording of that sound, they can establish its pattern . “When a victim inserts the key in the lock, it emits a sound that is captured by the attacker’s microphone,” the study picks up. According to his research, this system is capable of reducing the number of candidate keys from 330,000 to just three.Then, they will only have to print the design of the obtained models and test.

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