Skrill, the ideal platform to buy and sell bitcoin


Skrill, one of the most interesting companies when it comes to buying and selling bitcoins -and other cryptocurrencies- has been operating since 2001, and although the initial users knew it as Moneybookers since 2010 its name is Skrill, and since 2015 It is also part of the Paysafe Group, the parent company of other important companies related to online finance.

Since the days when it was called Moneybookers Skrill allowed to maintain, receive and send funds in several dozen different fiat currencies, becoming one of the most important and experienced currency transfer platforms in the world -competing face-to-face with PayPal- and also offering a secure online payment service in a wide variety of online environments such as marketplaces such as eBay, or online video game stores such as Steam, to give just a couple of examples.

In 2018, Skrill decided to expand the scope of their activities and also offer their customers the possibility of buying, selling and guarding cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin -among others- with the same account that we opened to carry out the rest of our operations. operations.

Buy bitcoin with Skrill

Skrill is one of the most recommended platforms to buy and sell bitcoin, and they are proud of it. The platform is user-friendly and the authentication process to start buying bitcoin is quick, simple and can be done from the application itself with our mobile phone, although to start we will only need to provide an email address and the number of a card bank.

Once our account with Skrill is opened, we must deposit some fiat currency in it – as we have already said, it supports many different currencies, among which of course there is the euro – through the usual means; bank income, through our credit / debit card, and so on. Skrill is one of the platforms that supports the most payment methods and therefore this process is just as simple as the rest of the operation.

Then we just have to follow the following steps ; go to the cryptocurrency section, press the “exchange now” button, select the amount of bitcoin we want to buy, and if we have enough balance, finish the operation and that’s it, we already have bitcoin among our assets and we can benefit when it goes up.

More buying and selling options to improve the experience

What else can a leading platform like Skrill offer us to make the experience more profitable? Well, to begin with, we can automate part of our operations, setting the prices at which we want the platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for us and in what quantity. To make them aware of the importance of Skrill offering us this option, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and therefore it is not surprising that during the periods in which we were not connected, the cryptocurrency reached an attractive purchase value. or of sale that without the option of automated operation we will not be able to take advantage of.

They can also be commissioned by us to make periodic acquisitions of the cryptocurrencies that we want, a highly recommended option for those who trust in the revaluation of this market and who want to make capital investments from time to time without having to wait for it, in this way We will see how our portfolio of cryptocurrencies grows over time at the speed and in the amount that we ourselves want.

Why is it important to create a store of value by buying bitcoin on Skrill

Owning a bitcoin portfolio will not only serve us as a way of saving and investing, since more and more establishments support payment in cryptocurrencies, and therefore by owning cryptocurrencies in our Skrill account we can save the costly foreign exchange commissions in our travel, we will simply use our cryptocurrencies to pay for what we need.

In addition, bitcoin, and the rest of cryptocurrencies in general, are the object of analysis by many economists and it is not difficult to find all the necessary information about them on the network, without forgetting that in Skrill’s own platform we can convert bitcoin back into the same liquid We have bought it easily if we need the money, it is easier to sell than many other financial products.

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