Six applications to be an expert in recycling and energy saving

Six applications to be an expert in recycling and energy saving

According to the Global Climate Risk Index (IRC), Spain ranks 29th on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change. Among the main consequences for the country, the index points out that the increase in temperatures could cause an increase in torrential rains and heat waves. Taking into account that the hand of man is one of the causes of this problem , it is in our hands to stop it.

For this, technology can contribute its grain of sand thanks to platforms and applications that facilitate recycling, save energy or stop food waste.

Knowing well how it is recycled and the use of the different containers is more complex than it seems. Ecoembes has a chatbot that can be accessed through its website or through the AIR-e application, in which it is possible to ask the assistant by text and voice in Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician, or show him a photo of the object to indicate how it is correct to recycle that item.

AIR-e makes use of Artificial Intelligence to provide interactive information, instantly, on different issues related to packaging recycling, such as in which container each container should be deposited and the material it is made of, but also with the recycling of other types of waste, such as furniture, kitchenware and textiles.

Once you know in which container each waste must be deposited, the Ecomapp application allows you to find the closest cardboard, paper, glass, clothing containers , fixed and mobile clean points, batteries, oil and containers in Madrid.

At the moment, this platform available on Android and iOS works only in the capital, as it extracts information from the Madrid City Council, where it is also possible to check the location of the containers.

When it comes to recycling electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), the Fundación Ecotic Clean Point application indicates the closest delivery points.

This category refers to all the devices that we have at home and that normally remain in a drawer (old mobiles) and even to household appliances. In the latter, the user always has the option of handing over his old appliance when buying a new one thanks to a tax that is always paid on the acquisition of this type of appliance. This will ensure good recycling and prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands.

Energy savings at home can improve with the use of applications such as Saves on Light or Lupbak -Light price for PVPC. In both, it is possible to know the price of electricity a day in advance and regulate consumption to reduce the amount of the bill, and in the process contribute to caring for the environment.

Thanks to the system that came into force on April 1, 2014 to determine the price of light by the hour (PVPC or voluntary small consumer price), these applications are very useful to program the washing machine at the cheapest hours and learn to control the spending.

Another good way to help the environment is with the ToGoodToGo app , where you can find cheaper food to prevent businesses or restaurants from throwing it away. On this platform it is possible to get a tray of sushi at half price (or less) or with a tray of pastries almost given away to avoid that businesses have to throw it away as they cannot put it on sale the next day.

It is a movement that is present in 13 European countries and that through an app is connecting more than 31,000 establishments such as supermarkets, restaurants, greengrocers or bakeries that have a daily surplus of food. According to the platform, they have more than 16 million users who save packs with that quality food at a reduced price so that they are not wasted at the end of the day. A month ago, they announced that they had crossed the barrier of 86,400 packs saved per day through the app for the first time , which means that every second that passes is preventing a food pack from ending up in the trash.

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