Side plank: how to do it right to mark the abdomen

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If you want to define the abdominal area of ​​the obliques, you cannot miss this video. Our coach from CuídateEnCasa Victor Téllez ( @ victor_tellez.tcenter ) from TCenter , teaches us to do the lateral plant correctly to achieve optimal results.

It is a very common exercise among athletes, both inside and outside gyms, and it has many variants (legs straight, legs together, knees supported …).

In this new video, Téllez explains the step-by-step position and how to get the most out of this type of plank, avoiding injuries, pain or discomfort.

If you missed any of the training or advice from our personal trainer, you can enter this link , and if you want to ask something or have any questions, you can write to him through his social networks.

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