Search for chepuda rat in Google”: this is how the last campaign of harassment against Pablo Iglesias was cooked

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It is a smear technique known as “Google Bombing”. The mayor of Madrid and the SGAE have also suffered it. It was promoted through Forocoches, and Twitter.

Search chepuda rat on Google” or “don’t think of looking for chepuda rat on Google” are messages that have been repeated repeatedly on Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram until this pejorative expression has become a Trending Topic.

And what does Google show? A series of photos and montages in which the Vice President of the Government , Pablo Iglesias. Some are real photos in which he does not appear very favored, others, photomontages in which he is characterized as an unpleasant rodent. Some results that the detractors of the leader of the purple formation are using as a joke.

However, the search results are not a simple coincidence. This is a political maneuver.

“This is a derivation of the practice known as Google Bombing, ” explains Seo consultant, Víctor Martín-Pozuelo .

The Google Bombing (Google bombing in Castilian) is a practice that is used in the field of political activism and to harm rivals online. Its objective is to associate certain web pages with negative search terms so that, when searching for these words with a negative connotation, Google will show images or the web page of the person or institution that has been a victim of this campaign .

Finding a person when looking a priori for images of rodents with deformed backs is puzzling and raises the question of how Google has come to the conclusion that these are the photos to show.


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