Screen pinning: the Android feature that protects your phone from kids and gossips

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The telephone has become such an important tool – work, social and even leisure – that the normal thing is that, although it is always with us, there are many moments in which it ends up in the hands of another person. Whether it is to answer a question, see a photo or video or entertain someone with a game, in those moments when we cannot be attentive to the content, our privacy and privacy could be in danger. Unless one of the most useful and unknown functions of Android is used.

The idea is very simple: fix the screen so that it is necessary to enter the unlock code to change applications or go to the home screen. However, whoever has the phone can use the active app without problems or restrictions.

To activate Screen pinning on an Android phone, you must have at least version 9 of the operating system. Then, you have to go to Settings and enter Security where Fix the screen is located (depending on the model it is possible that in Security you have to open Advanced Settings).

Once the function is active, any app can use it. To do this, you have to open the list of recent applications (it is usually found at the bottom of the screen, opposite the back button; with gestures you have to slide your finger from the bottom to the center of the screen).

When navigating through this menu, a preview of each program appears as it was when we minimized it and, above it, the application icon. If we hold down on it, a new menu will open with various options, among which is the one we want: Fix the screen. You just have to select it to start working.


Remember that this function disables the back, recent applications and home buttons, so you cannot exit the active app without deactivating the function.

To do this, it is necessary to press back and recent , back and home at the same time if the navigation with two buttons is activated or slide up and hold down on navigation with gestures. At that time the phone will request the unlock code, pattern or biometric system used to protect it.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that, although it is a useful function, it has certain limitations and is only intended to be used with people you trust. Thus, from any game it will be possible to make purchases and from the social apps you will be able to see the gallery without problems if it is opened to publish a photo.

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