Samsung S20: testing a premium mobile during quarantine

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Samsung is the leader of the high-end Android range and it proves it again with the S20, the mobile that the competition always sees as the rival to beat.

The kings of the mambo in terms of very expensive and very good mobiles are Apple and Samsung , and the truth is that I had not analyzed any of them for a long time; Since then the prices have risen even more and what seemed to us an exaggerated 600 euros are now an even more exaggerated 1000. The question we all have is whether they are really worth it.

The Galaxy S are seen, I think universally, like the Android iPhone. They meet every year with a good design , great overall performance and a camera, or cameras, that are among the best on the market. This year is not going to be different. The design is, of all this, perhaps the least important, because it is increasingly common that it is not something exclusive to the high-end and in fact the A51 that we tested a few weeks is very similar to this S20. A sandwich of glass slices with an aluminum chassis filling, a screen that takes up even more space, leaving even thinner frames and edges on the sides that this time do not curve the screen as much, perhaps due to criticism that Despite being very beautiful, they are not very practical when you are using the phone. The device that Samsung has lent me is gray, but they also have it in black, light blue and pink. In short, nothing too innovative or risky, but it is not something that this range will offer you, which prefers to play it safe given its status as a premium Android phone that others must beat. What is surprising is that they have managed to maintain the weight at 161 grams , which is greatly appreciated when using it. The entire back is empty except for the camera module, a module that protrudes a lot and being placed in a corner causes the phone to move if you have it on the table, something that a certain sector of users will undoubtedly find irritating . For the first time, it leaves us without a headphone jackAlthough the box includes ones for USB-C made by AKG that are somewhat above the average of what phones usually carry. As befits the range, it features wireless charging and water resistance. One detail that I liked is that the fingerprint reader is slightly higher than normal, in a position I would say more natural where to place your finger. It’s maybe the fastest I’ve ever tried, but it still feels slow to me compared to the rear end. But from a certain price range there is no alternative and it is true that it helps the design to be more minimalist, although it is still a bit sad that to unlock your phone faster you have to go to a lower range.

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The screen, the big news

But the best thing without a doubt when using this S20 is the screen, which grows slightly to 6.2 inches, but it is managed to keep it in very comfortable dimensions to use with one hand . It achieves this not only by occupying a greater percentage of the front, with extremely narrow frames, but also with an aspect ratio of 20: 9, which will leave some small bands on the sides when watching series and videos, but in exchange for smaller bands horizontal when watching movies. Apart from this, the screen is spectacular. Not only in color and brightness, but also because you can opt for a 120Hz refresh rateThat is, instead of updating the image 60 times per second as happens with any normal mobile, it does so twice as fast. And does that really show in something? Well, if I’m honest, I was a bit skeptical until I tried it. You realize especially when scrolling, that you can appreciate and even read things because at that speed the movement is really sharp. Animations get better too. It doesn’t support full screen resolution, but it’s worth giving up a few pixels for this.


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