Russian cybercriminals attack Barcelona hospital with ransomware

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Since the beginning of the health crisis, we have seen how anything goes for some cybercriminals, who have dedicated themselves to perpetrating attacks by using information about the virus as bait . Now it seems they have a new target: hospital computer systems .

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The Moisès Broggi de Sant Joan Depí hospital, in Barcelona, ​​was the victim of a ransomware- type attack this weekend . Although the effect of the same has not been too serious, the cybercriminals managed to access and block some servers of the health center.

Sources close to the investigation have associated the cyberattack with a group of Russian cybercriminals , who asked for a financial ransom to free the system. The hospital did not give in to extortion and got in touch with the authorities and the Mossos d’Esquadra , and now it finally seems to be beginning to regain normalcy in its system with the help of the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency.

Has been the Rac1 Catalan media first reported on this matter, from where it says it has been “a major attack but have not penetrated sensitive information or confidential data or patients or professionals.”

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However, it has affected “secondary systems” such as radiology imaging , and has forced professionals, say from the middle, “to recover the paper and pen and modify the usual systems.”

” Healthcare data is itself a very lucrative target for attackers . Healthcare organizations are important targets and will see each and every failure exploited by cybercriminals. As healthcare organizations make patient data more accessible to citizens and new systems, information security must become their top priority, “explains Anurag Kahol, Director of Technology at Bitglass and an expert in cybersecurity .

He adds that these organizations “must always have a global vision of their security : evaluate all the services in use and the loopholes that are most likely to pose a risk to corporate data.”

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To prevent future ramsonware attacks and safeguard highly sensitive information, organizations must have “full visibility and control over their data, ” he concludes. This can be achieved, according to the expert, by taking advantage of “multifaceted solutions” that defend against malware at any endpoint, enforce access control in real time, detect misconfigurations, encrypt sensitive data at rest, manage data exchange with external parties and prevent data leakage.

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