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In the midst of a pandemic and with the return to confinement, Japanese researchers have imagined a new robot. It is actually a robotic hand whose mission is to support single people. This emotion robot hand can sweat and emit sounds and smells!

Emotion Robot to Fight loneliness

In Japan, loneliness is a real social phenomenon. However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying measures, many people today find themselves in solitude. In a report published by The Virtual Reality Society of Japan on September 25, 2020, researchers from Gifu University (Japan) unveiled its latest innovation.

Japanese scientists have developed a robotic hand covered with a synthetic gel. However, the gel causes this hand to have a texture close to that of a human member. It is possible to shake this robotic hand and even take it on a little ride. The directors of the project are clearly targeting single people and especially men. They propose to experience holding a girlfriend’s hand, more easily than if it were a question of finding one. Let us recall in passing that nearly half of 18-34-year-olds in Japan have no experience in intimate contact with a partner.

Different functions for more immersion

Called Osampo Kanojo, the robotic hand has an astonishing appearance with its visible threads. Besides, it is only a hand, it is devoid of body. Thus, this innovation moves away from the realism of real dolls, these famous robotic sex dolls. However, the researchers thought of several elements to offer more immersion. Indeed, Osampo Kanojo can diffuse the smell of shampoo for women. Also, while walking with it, the hand can emit footsteps as well as the rustling of clothes thanks to a dedicated application.

The Ocampo Kanojo hand can also sweat. To perform this function, however, a small wet cloth must be placed between the heating system. The robot’s “skin” will then let out its “sweat”. This function is also reminiscent of a humanoid robot developed in Japan in 2016 which sweated almost like a human.

In Japan, the codes and the pressure of the company make that the single people are more and more numerous. This is also at the origin of a serious demographic decline in this country. Still, the love of technology doesn’t seem to help. Today, for example, people can marry virtual characters. We can also mention the dolls and other sex robots, more and more realistic.

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