Requirements to have a website on the internet

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Having a website on the Internet requires a series of essential requirements such as the domain or SSD web hosting , fundamental tools that give the page a name and a space in which to stay on the network; allowing it to be open to the public.

Domain name
The first step, after having designed the portal, is to have a domain name , which can be obtained from a domain registrar. This is the address that Internet users will write to access the web. Generally, trade names or names related to the theme of the portal are used, as long as they are simple and easy to remember for other users.

Web hosting
The next step, which is also a fundamental requirement to have a website, is the hiring of hosting. It is the web hosting service, that is, the space where it will be stored. It works by connecting to large computers that make up the server and that offer a space to store all the data on the web. When someone enters a website, they are accessing your server and downloading their files. At the time of its opening to the network, a page usually occupies a minimum space because it has little content; but as the months go by you will have a greater number of files that will require more space.

Hosting is a part of the web server, which in turn is a mega computer that encompasses many possibilities. There is a wide offer within the sector, among which Linux servers stand out . The differences between one and the other lie in many aspects, although the most relevant is the number of gigabytes available. Most websites share hosting, because they do not need so much space as to have their own and exclusive space, and in this way costs are reduced. The best option is to leave this function in the hands of specialized companies that take care of this task for an annual fee.

Multiple functions and security tasks

Web hosting is the complete service that a company offers for a website. In addition to the hosting function, it includes other services such as email accounts, access through FTP format that allow the storage and download of files or the possibility of creating a space to store data in the cloud through the server itself. . Loading speed is another key aspect when choosing a web server. The companies that offer web servers are tending towards the search for codes to achieve a better optimization of the web page, also following criteria for the positioning of the portal in the different search engines.

The web hosting service also usually includes the periodic creation of backup copies and the management of any technical incident, under a support of twenty-four hours a day throughout the year. The work is also focused on blocking any type of attack that could damage the web. The user, therefore, only has to worry about updating the page, since security tasks are outsourced

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