Razer Naga, the mouse for left-handed gamers who love World of Warcraft

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Razer today announces a new left-handed mouse, the Razer Naga, which is rather their first mouse not suitable for right- and left-handers, as they have had other products that could be adapted in the past. Together with the Deathadder, it is the second mouse exclusively designed for left-handed people of the brand.

The Razer Naga includes the company’s usual advanced gaming-oriented technologies: a highly accurate sensor, quality materials, a braided cable that won’t break down easily, and in this case, a 12-button keypad on the side. inside right, which brings the total number of buttons on the body of the device to 20.

Thus, although there are other left-handed mice on the market, this is one of the few designed for MMO players such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, who require a large number of buttons on the mouse and for whom conventional mice Although they can be adapted for lefties, they are not fully functional.

Its price in Spain will be 109.99 euros and it will be on sale from today only in black, although the LED lights in the logo, the wheel and the buttons of the Naga can be customized using Razer software.

Razer is launching this product as a response to more vocal left-handed gamers, who have long been demanding better treatment from video game companies.

In conversation with EL MUNDO, the company claims to have carried out an exhaustive communication process with its followers to understand which would be the best mouse model to adapt just for them, finally deciding on the Naga. His goal with the development of the game was to show that video game communities can be more inclusive not only with race and gender, but also with the diversity of functionalities of people.

Razer has been developing a wide portfolio of products for gamers for some time, adapting to changes in their needs over the years: wireless mice, smaller keyboards, thinner gaming laptops …

It remains to be seen if the left-handed Razer Naga ends up being popular with left-handed gamers. The company assures this newspaper that they are aware that there is not much economic benefit in these launches, but that there are many players who earn integers from having an alternative and who have also made this command thinking of people with functional motor diversity, of so that they can better adapt their way of playing thanks to the mouse.

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