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CNN announced Russia’s “interference” in US affairs with the help of the game Pokemon GO. On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist Mikhail Smolin noted that the accusations that have already become traditional are now being transferred to specific Internet resources, but again without proof.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the reports of the American media about Russian interference in US affairs through the game Pokemon Go.

“Based on the logic of CNN, African Americans are determined with their civil position, playing Pokemon. This is how the TV channel ineptly explained the occurrence of racial problems in modern America. The Russians are again to blame … and the Pokemon they control,” Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

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Russia does not interfere in any way with the work of foreign journalists on its territory. And in Washington, it seems, no longer know what to think of to interfere with the work of the Russian media in the United States. In the name of freedom of the press, of course.

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Earlier, the CNN television channel said that the allegedly Russia-related attempts to “influence the situation in the United States” were made not only in social networks, but also through YouTube and the Pokemon Go game.
According to the TV channel, it is about the Don’t Shoot Us campaign, which accounts were registered in the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and the YouTube video service. The campaigners reportedly used these platforms to cover numerous incidents of police violence against African Americans.

CNN reports that all YouTube videos of the campaign linked to donotshoot.us, a site based in Illinois. In turn, links from this site led to an account on Tumblr, which in July 2016 announced a competition for playing Pokemon Go, a popular application for mobile devices in which users, moving in the real world, “catch” virtual creatures.

Competitors were directed to the scene of incidents of police violence, and were encouraged to name their Pokémon after dead African Americans. In particular, the material announcing the competition featured a Pokemon named Eric Garner, a black New Yorker who died in police custody.

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The campaign’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts have now been frozen, and a Tumblr page is posting messages about the situation in Palestine.

As evidence of Russia’s involvement in the campaign, CNN, citing a source, reports that its Facebook account was linked to the Internet Research Agency, which the channel calls a “pro-Kremlin” structure.

On the air of radio Sputnik, the situation was commented on by political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Mikhail Smolin.

“These are traditional accusations of the United States, they are just now being transferred to specific Internet resources, specific platforms. They are trying to prove that the“ Russian hackers ”through some accounts really influenced the policy inside the USA. There is nothing new in these accusations. To prove the real influence hackers are almost impossible, because for a serious hacker organization to obfuscate traces on the Internet, to show that they represent any country is not difficult. It is possible that those who really influenced politics are completely opposite side, and they just want to show “Russian trace” in this story “, – said Mikhail Smolin.
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