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Prepare your poké balls and berries for the weekly Pokémon GO event . In a few hours the day of the featured pokemon will be held, which has Tentacool as its protagonist , who will appear more frequently and you can capture it in its shiny variant .

The hour of the featured pokémon, as you well know, takes place every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and today, Tuesday, September 15, will not be the exception. In addition, it will bring a bonus that will help you get enough candies from any pokémon.

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During the 60 minutes that you are capturing the hundreds of Tentacools that appear in Pokémon GO , as well as any other specimen that makes an appearance , the video game will grant you double the candy when transferring them. We recommend doing it with the legendaries that you already have repeated and you know that you will not use, not even for exchange.

In case you didn’t know, Tentacool has its shiny variant released in the augmented reality game, which means it’s a great opportunity to record this glowing look of this water / poison-type creature.

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This is how shiny Tentacool looks. Photo: Pokémon GO.
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How to get shiny Tentacool?
To get a shiny Tentacool in Pokémon GO , we recommend that, when the event starts, you activate an incense. This item lasts 60 minutes and will increase the number of appearances of this creature near you, giving you more options to register it in its shiny version.

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If you are near a poképarada, it is also important that you activate a bait, whose function is similar to that of incense; that is, it will increase the spawn of Tentacool and you may find yourself with a shiny one.

Tentacool IVs for La Liga Super and Master
With the start of Season 4 of GO Fighting League, Tentacruel may be a surprise factor for the opponents you face in Pokémon GO . If you want to use it in the Super League, it must have 1 attack point, 15 defense and 15 health to be rank 1. With these stats it will reach 1500 PC exactly

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