Pokémon GO Niantic makes official the arrival of megaevolutions to its video game

Pokémon GO: Niantic makes official the arrival of megaevolutions to its video game-pokemon go news

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Pokémon GO will receive new content from the Kalos region. Niantic has just made official the arrival of megaevolution , an evolutionary phenomenon that was introduced in the sixth generation of the franchise, to its popular augmented reality game.

From the official account of Pokémon GO on Twitter, an image was published showing three objects, which could be the mega candies , those items that were leaked from the codes of the recent video game update a few days ago.

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In addition to the excitement that fans of the video game can feel for taking their favorite creatures to a new phase, one detail has not gone unnoticed, and that is that each of the supposed mega-candies have different colors.

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Although Niantic still does not reveal details about these objects that will allow the mega evolution of creatures in Pokémon GO , some users already theorize that these objects could be used by specimens of the same type, similar to megastones.

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If you are one of those who enjoys playing Pokémon GO with active background music, we have good news for you. In Soundcloud the playlist of songs referring to the mega-evolution that will be heard in the augmented reality game has been released. Listen to them here .

It is important to emphasize that there is still no official release date for the megaevolutions in Pokémon GO , much less how the megacandy can be obtained , so we will be attentive to what Niantic can publish in the next few hours or maybe days to tell you everything.

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