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The Community Day of Porygon is in his last moments in Pokémon GO . If you haven’t played it yet, review this simple guide so you know how to capture this specimen in its shiny variant. In addition, the event brings an exclusive movement for Porygon-Z and we will tell you how you can have it.

In this monthly event, Niantic will continue to maintain the trend of recent months and will last six hours. The hours will be the usual: from 11.00 to 17.00 in the local time of each country.

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Event Bonus
During the six hours that this event lasts, we can enjoy a lot of special conditions in Pokémon GO . You can find them all below.

-Higher chance of finding Porygon with his shiny colors.

-Triple of PX per capture.

-An incense will last 3 hours.

-Surprise when taking photos of our Pokémon.

-Temporary investigation that will give us up to 3 Upgrades and 3 Sinnoh Stones.

-Pack Community Day in the store for 1280 Pokécoins: an elite rapid attack TM, three Incenses, six Lucky Eggs and 30 Ultra Balls.

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How to have Porygon evolutions?
In Pokémon GO , to evolve Porygon to its final stage, it is not enough with Porygon Candies. We need two items: an Upgrade and a Sinnoh Stone .

Likewise, the Porygon2 that we evolve into Porygon-Z during the event, or up to two hours after it, will learn the exclusive Triataque movement . This is a Charged Attack that in Trainer Battles has a chance to reduce the opposing Pokémon’s Attack and Defense.

-Evolve Porygon to Porygon2: 25 Porygon Candy and an Upgrade.

-Evolve Porygon2 to Porygon-Z: 100 Porygon Candies and a Sinnoh Stone.

-Porygon-Z exclusive movement: Triataque (charged attack).

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Special payment investigation
If we buy a ticket in the in-game store, we can enjoy a special investigation during Community Day . This is called ” Deciphering Porygon “, and will cost 1.99 soles. This special investigation will tell us a little story in which Professor Willow is discovering data about Porygon and its evolutions. If we complete it, we will receive an Upgrade and a Sinnoh Stone , although they will not give us any insignia.

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Pokémon GO: Niantic confirms the arrival of Mega-Pidgeot and so you can have it [VIDEO]
Mega Evolutions are active in Pokémon GO and fans of the video game want to register this transformation into one of the most anticipated Pokémon. Niantic just confirmed the date on which the Mega-Pidgeot mega-raid will go live.

This feat shows the teamwork among Pokémon GO users around the world, as they managed to overcome the goal of winning two million mega-raids, which were led by mega-Venusaur, Mega-Charizard Y, Mega -Charizard X and Mega-Blastoise.

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Pokémon GO: Jessie and James say goodbye to the game this September 30
Team Rocket’s most beloved villains, Jessie and James , will no longer appear in Pokémon GO, and trainers around the world only have until September 30 to face them. As part of their farewell, Niantic prepares a final event for these characters.

“It has reached our ears that Jessie and James are going to leave Pokémon GO on Wednesday, September 30 and that it seems they are preparing for one last wave of evil before their departure,” announces the augmented reality game team on their blog official.

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Pokémon GO: Beedrill, the first pokémon to break the 10,000 PC fence in the game
Total surprise in the Pokémon GO community . The excitement about mega-evolutions in the augmented reality game continues at full blast and this is starring Mega-Beedrill , who manages to exceed 10,000 PCs . What is this about? We will tell you.

The PvPoke account on Twitter, known for providing information regarding the best pokémon stats to use in the GO Fighting League of the video game, shared the image of a Mega-Beedrill with more than 8,000 PCs .

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Pokémon GO starts global challenge to unlock Mega-Houndoom
Pokémon GO is celebrating the launch of Mega Evolution during September, so it has just released a new event related to this special transformation. This time, Mega-Houndoom is the protagonist, but to unlock this powerful Pokémon, trainers around the world will have to meet a global challenge.

From this Friday, September 11 at 8:00 a.m. to Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. (local time), Pokémon GO players must complete 275 million battles for Mega-Houndoom to appear.

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Pokémon GO: how to claim the boxes with poké balls that Niantic gives away for Porygon’s Community Day
In Pokémon GO, only several copies of Porygon are appearing thanks to Community Day . This creature debuts with its shiny variant in the video game and so that you don’t miss out on registering it, Niantic gives you three boxes with poké balls . You want them? We tell you how to claim them.

The Community Day of Porygon will be active for six hours in Pokémon GO , time where you have greater opportunity to meet with the shiny variant of this creature. Additionally, Community Day brings a powerful charged move to Porygon-Z, its latest evolution.

Niantic is giving away poké balls for you to use on Porygon’s Community Day. Photo: Pokémon GO.
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Pokémon GO: Niantic reveals list of Android and iPhone phones that will no longer be compatible
Gamers who enjoy augmented reality gaming on older smartphones are concerned with Niantic’s recent release . The study has just confirmed the list of iPhone and Android phones that will no longer be compatible with Pokémon GO .

Through a statement on the Pokémon GO website , Niantic confirmed that in October it will make a major update that will affect users with phones that use Android 5, iOS 10 or iOS 11, so they must take measures if they want to continue enjoying the game of augmented reality.

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