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The company is ready to provide the new employee with iPhone 6S and insurance against possible injuries while catching Pokemon. So far 11 people have sent their CVs.
NOVOSIBIRSK, July 22 – RIA Novosti. A Novosibirsk-based company that supplies machines for printing photos from Instagram posted a job posting for a Pokémon trainer on one of its job search sites.

Pokemon Go game application from Nintendo. Archive photo
July 21, 2016, 15:30
More than 180 thousand people play Pokemon Go in Moscow
Among MTS subscribers, about 69 thousand people are active users of Pokemon Go in the capital and the region.
According to the announcement, the candidate must be: with an incomplete higher education, an experienced gamer, with a level in Pokemon GO of at least 20, as well as with knowledge of English at the level of reading and translating game texts. The main responsibilities are finding and training Pokemon, actively participating in thematic forums and communities of gamers, participating in the development and implementation of the company’s marketing strategy with the integration of the Pokemon GO game.

The company is ready to provide the new employee with iPhone 6S and insurance against possible injuries while catching Pokemon.\

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“This is a real job. Our target audience – people who print photos from Instagram using our machines – almost coincides with the target audience of Pokemon GO gamers. Moreover, this is now a growing trend, and in our case it would be a mistake not to notice it and bypass “, – said the owner of the company Mark Mayer to RIA Novosti.

He noted that the new employee will play, “upgrade” his account, participate in gamer communities, advise the company’s marketing department on integrating the game into the process of printing photos and rewarding game participants with gifts from the company.

Young people in the park in front of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater play Pokemon Go

pokemon go video news

More than 700 domains with the word Pokemon appeared in RuNet in a week
In particular, 657 domains with the word “pokemon” were registered in the .ru zone, and 54 domains with the word “pokemon” in the .рф zone.
Mayer added that at this stage we are talking about an experiment to find the most effective model for using the game in the interests of business. The vacancy, which opened on Thursday, has received a thousand views, but so far 11 people have sent resumes. The businessman attributes this to high requirements for the candidate, since there are very few gamers with level 20.

“Next week we are planning to close this vacancy, and we will have the first in Russia, and maybe in the world, officially employed Pokémon trainer,” he added.

Pokemon GO is a free application based on “augmented reality” technology – the digital and real worlds are connected, since the picture displayed on the smartphone screen is projected onto the location of the real world. One of the main goals of the game – to catch a Pokemon (Pocket Monster – “pocket monster”) – made many people take to the streets, parks, beaches, completely absorbed in this process

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