Pokémon GO: know the events that megaevolution brings for September

pokémon go news

pokemon go news

In Pokémon GO they are already beginning to implement mega evolutions and it is thanks to this that some “Mega discovery” tasks have been unlocked that you must complete before you can do so. Also, there will be a big themed event in September related to Mega Evolved creatures.

New special investigation
This is a new special investigation called “A mega discovery.” In it, Professor Willow tells us everything he has discovered about megaevolution, and it will help us to learn everything about this new mechanic. The reward for completing it will be to get a Mega-Beedrill.

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Mega Discovery 1/4

Send 3 gifts to your friends – Reward: 10 Pokéballs

Win a candy walking with your partner – Reward: 10 super potions

Catch 15 Pokémon – Reward: 25 Mega Energy Beedrill

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Total reward: 3 rare candies, a encounter with Weedle and 5000 XP

Mega Discovery 2/4

Upgrade a Pokémon 5 times – Reward: 20 Weedle Candy

Evolve 2 Weedle – Reward: 2,000 Stardust

Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – Reward: 1 Premium Raid Pass

Total reward: 1 ChargeTM, 100 Mega Energy Beedrill and 5,000 XP

Mega Discovery 3/4

Win a raid – Reward: 6 revives

Battle in a Mega Raid – Reward: 2 Silver Pineapple Berries

Catch 10 Pokémon – Reward: 6 Hyper Potions

Total Reward: 3 Rare Candies, 100 Mega Energy Beedrill, 5000 XP

Mega Discovery 4/4

Claim Reward – Reward: 1500 Stardust

Claim Reward – Reward: 1500 Stardust

Claim Reward – Reward: 1500 Stardust

Total reward: 5,000 XP, 25 Mega Energy Beedrill, 1,500 Stardust

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Great themed event
Thanks to the mega evolution we will have more events in September in Pokémon GO . There will be three thematic weeks, and in each of them we will have to carry out a specific task related to this transformation of the creatures.

-Tuesday, September 1 – Monday, September 7: participate in many mega raids to gain mega energy and be able to mega evolve our Pokémon.

-Friday, September 11 – Thursday, September 17: fight alongside mega-evolved Pokémon in gyms, against Team GO Rocket and other trainers (except in the GO Fighting League, which does not yet allow mega-evolution).

-Tuesday, September 22 – Monday, September 28: Win the friendship of Mega Evolved Pokémon by feeding, playing with and taking snapshots of them.

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