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pokemon go news report

Pokémon GO will be renewed once again and thousands of fans of the augmented reality game explode with excitement. This is because Niantic confirmed that it will release a new system to get free pokémonedas without having to leave home. Do you want to know how? We explain it to you.

The statement that was published on the official website of Pokémon GO reveals that the tests carried out so far by Niantic have been satisfactory, so now users in Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan will have access to this new system to get pokémonedas .

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Recall that currently, the only way to get the play money for the augmented reality game is to leave a pokémon defending any gym for certain hours and thus get 50 coins.

When the new Pokémon GO update is released, the exact date is not yet known, the maximum number of Pokémon that can be won per day will be 50, but performing different activities within the Niantic video game .

-The maximum number of pokémones that can be won by defending gyms will be 30, instead of 50 as it happens now.

-The number of pokémonedas that can be won by defending gyms will be six every hour.

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This means that if in 60 minutes the pokémon that you placed to defend a gym has not been defeated, Niantic will grant you 6 pokémonedas . And what happens if I place five pokémon in different gyms at the same time?

It will be the same, Niantic will give you 6 pokémonedas for each of the five creatures that have been defending for 60 minutes. This will result in 30 coins in an hour and you will no longer be able to get more through this system.

If you do not have a gym near you, do not worry since Niantic will also activate a series of activities that you must do to get 20 pokémonedas and here we will tell you what they are:

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-Transfer a Pokémon

-Make a good pitch

-Make an excellent launch

-Use a berry to capture a pokémon

-Evolve a pokémon

As you can see, these activities are completely easy to complete and can be done without having to leave home, thanks to the changes that Niantic has made in Pokémon GO .

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As mentioned, this new system for pokémonedas free Pokémon GO is in its testing phase and is expected to be officially launched in a few weeks or possibly months.

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A few days ago, it was possible to know some of the news that Niantic launched in Pokémon GO for the month of August. However, these are not the only changes that have occurred in the famous mobile video game. There is a new list of Pokémon that trainers around the world can collect by hatching eggs this month.

As is known, in Pokémon GO some creatures can only be obtained by incubating eggs given their high rarity. Players have to walk to hatch these eggs that exist in four different models: 2, 5, 7 and 10 km.

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How to make invitations to a remote raid?
By having the level allowed to invite your contacts, you will see the (+) button when entering the lobby of the remote incursion, either in private or public rooms. Once you have pressed this icon, a window will open with all your contacts and only five of them will be able to accompany you in this battle, no matter where you live.

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