Pokémon GO: know all the Pokémon that hatch in 2, 5, 7 and 10 km eggs in September

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A few days ago, it was possible to know some of the news that Niantic launched in Pokémon GO for September. However, these are not the only changes that have occurred in the famous mobile video game. There is a new list of Pokémon that trainers around the world can collect by hatching eggs this month.

As is known, in Pokémon GO some creatures can only be obtained by incubating eggs given their high rarity. Players have to walk to hatch these eggs that exist in four different models: 2, 5, 7 and 10 km.

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In this case, Niantic has produced a new list of the Pokémon that will appear when hatching eggs during September 2020. This time, some creatures will appear in their version of the Alola region and others of Galar. Next, we show you the complete list:

2 km eggs

















5 km eggs


-Burmy (plant shape)

-Burmy (sand form)

-Burmy (trash form)



















7 km eggs

-Diglett from Alola

-Geodude of Alola

-Alola Grimer

-Alola Meowth

-Alola Sandshrew

-Vulpix from Alola

-Farfetch’d of Galar

-Darumaka of Galar

-Meowth of Galar

-Stunfisk of Galar

-Zigzagoon of Galar

10 km eggs

















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Eggs by Adventure Synchro
In addition to those mentioned, there is the possibility of receiving each week in the rewards for the Adventure Sync function several 5 km or 10 km eggs with some specific Pokémon. Next, we detail the creatures that can come out:

5 km eggs (per 25 km per week)

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-Bronzor (shiny)

-Snover (shiny)


-Croagunk (shiny)

10 km eggs (per 50 km per week)

-Shinx (shiny)

-Bagon (shiny)

-Dratini (shiny)

-Larvitar (shiny)

-Riolu (shiny)

-Beldum (shiny)

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Porygon will be the protagonist of September’s Community Day
Niantic conducted a survey so that trainers around the world can choose the star Pokémon for the next Community Day. Porygon and Charmander have been chosen and, therefore, will be the protagonists of this monthly Pokémon GO event during September and October.

According to the results of the survey conducted on the Pokémon GO Twitter account , Porygon obtained 55.3%, Charmander with 36.6%, Caterpie with 4.1% and Grimer with 3.9%.

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