Pokémon GO: Jessie and James will stop appearing in Niantic’s video game

pokémon go news

pokemon go news

Niantic will make important changes to Pokémon GO and one of those affected is the members of the Rocket team : Jessie and James , who will no longer appear with their Meowth-shaped hot air balloon in the video game. Since when? We will tell you.

Many celebrated the debut of Jessie and James in the video game, since when you challenged them to a battle they would say the speech that we have heard for several years in the different Pokémon anime; also, that by beating them we had the opportunity to capture Koffing and Ekans dark shiny .

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Recall that Team Rocket debuted in the augmented reality game on July 9 and since then they have flown over the air of Pokémon GO visiting the trainers, which means that you can fight against this group from the comfort of your home.

These charismatic characters are still part of an event that takes place in je , which already has an expiration date and would be next September 30. This was revealed by Niantic from the official website of its application for iPhone and Android.

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This way, players have at least a month to find and face Jessie and James in Pokémon GO to try and register Koffing and shiny dark Ekans . At the moment, it is not known if these characters will return to the augmented reality game.

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Another novelty is that Raichu from Alola has been confirmed as the pokémon that will appear in the weekly reward box throughout the month of September in the video game. This creature will have the option to appear in its shiny variant.

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