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Team Rocket’s most beloved villains, Jessie and James , will no longer appear in Pokémon GO, and trainers around the world only have until September 30 to face them. As part of their farewell, Niantic prepares a final event for these characters.

“It has reached our ears that Jessie and James are going to leave Pokémon GO on Wednesday, September 30 and that it seems they are preparing for one last wave of evil before their departure,” announces the augmented reality game team on their blog official.

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From Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 00:00 to Wednesday, September 30 at 23:59 (local time), the Meowth Globe with Jessie and James will appear more often than usual. In this way, players will have more options than ever to face them and thus be able to get a Dark Ekans and a Koffing .

How to defeat Jessie and James
To get started, we have to find a Meowth globe and tap it on the map. In this simple way, the combat will begin:

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Combat Jessie: Features a Dark Scyther (8,930 CP), a Dark Ekans (3,050 CP), and a Dark Bagon (3,800 CP). If you defeat her you can get a dark Ekans.

Fight against James: Dark Sneasel (6764 CP), a Koffing (4011 CP) and Dark Beldum (3230 CP). Defeating him will give you an appearance of a Dark Koffing .

The best creatures to face Jessie and James are: Garchomp, Alakazam, Darmanitan, Ryperior, Gigalith, Tyranitar, etc. Always prioritize Earth and Fire type Pokémon.

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Pokémon GO: Niantic confirms the arrival of Mega-Pidgeot and so you can have it [VIDEO]
Megaevolutions are active in Pokémon GO and fans of the video game want to register this transformation into one of the most anticipated Pokémon. Niantic just confirmed the date the Mega-Pidgeot mega-raid will go live.

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This feat shows the teamwork among Pokémon GO users around the world, as they managed to overcome the goal of winning two million mega-raids, which were led by mega-Venusaur, Mega-Charizard Y, Mega -Charizard X and Mega-Blastoise.

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Pokémon GO: defeat Cresselia with this list made up of powerful counters
Pay a lot of attention. Pokémon GO returns to receive new content for fans to get that shiny they are missing. For a week, trainers around the world will be able to face the legendary Cresselia in level 5 raids. If you want to have one, here we reveal the list of their best counters.

In case you didn’t know, Cresselia, Darkrai’s counterpart, is a fourth generation legendary who is characterized by having a great defense. This creature is psychic type and capturing it will be important for your games of the GO Battle League of Pokémon GO .

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Pokémon GO announces all the news that Season 4 of the GO Fighting League will bring
A few days after starting September with great news, Niantic announces more news for Pokémon GO trainers around the world. Season 3 of the GO Fighting League will come to an end and Season 4 will begin on September 14.

This will follow the same rotation of Season 3, as can be seen in the following calendar, with a novelty, the inclusion of the Halloween Cup that will only allow certain Pokémon to battle.

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