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Since 2017, trainers around the world in Pokémon GO have a new formula to evolve their Pokémon in the game. These are the rare candies that, unlike the common ones, can be used on any creature. However, few players know the methods to obtain them. Do you want to know? Here we tell you all the details.

Normally, we use common candies to evolve the different Pokémon . This makes it easy to evolve creatures that appear more frequently like Pidgey, Cubone, and Growlithe , but it is much more difficult to do the same with rare and powerful.

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For this reason, rare candies are presented as a great option to evolve strange species of dragon, fairy or sinister type. In addition, they can be useful when we do not have enough candy to make the Pokémon that we are going to use in the GO Fighting League more powerful .

In reality, it is not very difficult to get rare candies, but the most effective and tangible methods are three. The first: weekly research assignments . It is not certain that we will obtain rare candies with the weekly rewards, but it is frequent. Another method falls on the battles in the GO Fighting League , since, by obtaining four victories in a round of five fights, we receive as a reward three rare candies.

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The best, however, are the raids ; especially those of Level 5. In them we can obtain up to three rare candies with ease, so do not hesitate to take advantage of each confrontation with the daily pass to add little by little and have these objects. If you do it right, at least you can have a score of this type of candy in a short period of time.

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