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In Pokémon GO, only several copies of Porygon are appearing thanks to Community Day . This creature debuts with its shiny variant in the video game and so that you don’t miss out on registering it, Niantic gives you three boxes with poké balls . You want them? We tell you how to claim them.

The Community Day of Porygon will be active for six hours in Pokémon GO , time where you have greater opportunity to meet with the shiny variant of this creature. Additionally, Community Day brings a powerful charged move to Porygon-Z, its latest evolution.

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As usual, Niantic has not notified of these gifts from social networks, but has placed in the store of its application for iPhone and Android three boxes to stock you with poké balls , healing potions and a revive that will help you if you have one battle in a raid or with a member of Team GO Rocket.

How to claim the boxes with poké balls in Pokémon GO?
This time you will not have to type a code to have access to these Niantic gifts , because all you have to do is enter the Pokémon GO store and at the top you will see three boxes: yellow, turquoise and green, select them and receive 40 poké balls .

Niantic is giving away poké balls for you to use on Porygon’s Community Day. Photo: Pokémon GO.
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Remember that you must have enough space for these items to appear automatically in the video game item store. Also, these gifts are unique; that is, you can only claim them once.

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So that you don’t miss out, Niantic has also released a simple temporary investigation for Porygon Community Day to get the evolutionary items necessary for this creature to become Porygon-Z and learn the Triatack charged move.

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Team Rocket’s most beloved villains, Jessie and James , will no longer appear in Pokémon GO, and trainers around the world only have until September 30 to face them. As part of their farewell, Niantic prepares a final event for these characters.

“It has reached our ears that Jessie and James are going to leave Pokémon GO on Wednesday, September 30 and that it seems they are preparing for one last wave of evil before their departure,” announces the augmented reality game team on their blog official.

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