Pokémon GO: how to catch Sableye with 100 IVs in featured Pokémon hour Check your table by levels-pokemon go news

pokémon go news

pokemon go news

Pokémon GO is preparing to receive a new edition of the Hour of the Featured Pokémon . This time, Sableye will appear in the wild in the augmented reality game, so users will have more opportunity to capture it in its shiny variant or with perfect stats. Know here his table of IVs.

Many Pokémon GO trainers are already preparing to get a good Sableye through this event, since this specimen is one of the best creatures that shines with its own light in the Super Ball League.

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In addition, the Hour of the Featured Pokémon , which will take place today, August 11 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, is also an opportunity to capture this sinister / ghost type Pokémon in its shiny variant, an aspect that is very difficult to achieve in augmented reality game.

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As if that were not enough, Sableye integrates the exclusive list of creatures that can megaevolve, a function that will arrive very soon in the Niantic video game, so it would be advisable to capture it with perfect stats and so that you are sure you have caught it, we share the list of IVs of this third generation creature

Likewise, the Hour of the featured Pokémon starring Sableye , has as a bonus to deliver double the candy for the creatures that are transferred. This only during the 60 minutes that the Pokémon GO event lasts .

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Sableye table of IVs
If you have been playing Pokémon GO for a long time , you may have noticed that the creatures that appear in the wild do not have a specific level and to know if it has perfect stats we are guided by the amount of combat power (CP) that it has Pokemon.

That is why we share a list made by the well-known Pokemon GO Hub website, where they show us the amount of PC that Sableye must have to know if it has 100 IVs. Remember that if the specimen has perfect stats, it means that it is rank 1 for the Super League.

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Table of 100 Sableye IVs per level. Photo: Pokemon GO Hub.
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Unown Shiny is one of the protagonists of the Enigma week, an event that will last a week in Pokémon GO . This is why Niantic has released it so that many players will have access to the Shiny version of this alphabetic creature. However, most trainers are unaware of the secret trick to capture it.

The news of Unown Shiny’s appearance has been well received by coaches around the world looking to take advantage of Enigma week, from Friday, August 7 through August 14. During these seven days, this U, L, T, R, and A-shaped creature will appear in 2-star raids.

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