Pokémon GO guide to capture Unown Shiny in the week of the Enigma

Pokémon GO guide to capture Unown Shiny in the week of the Enigma | pokemon go news report

pokemon go news report

Unown Shiny is one of the protagonists of the Enigma week, an event that will last a week in Pokémon GO . This is why Niantic has released it so that many players will have access to the Shiny version of this alphabetic creature. However, most trainers are unaware of the secret trick to capture it.

The news of Unown Shiny’s appearance has been well received by coaches around the world looking to take advantage of Enigma week, from Friday, August 7 through August 14. During these seven days, this U, L, T, R, and A-shaped creature will appear in 2-star raids.

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What is the origin of the Unown?
The Unown are very special Pokémon. They are said to have secret powers and to live in another dimension. Another theory indicates that they are creatures in the form of letters and that they have existed for more than 1,500 years, which suggests that the Unown are prehistoric.

The truth is that the Unown are Pokémon , and that each of them corresponds to a character in the Latin alphabet. That is why there are numerous forms, from Unown A to Unown Z.

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How to have an Unown Shiny?
Currently, the only and main way to get these rare Pokémon is for them to appear by chance using one of two methods:

As a Wild Pokémon: Just like you would capture any Pokémon, an Unown Shiny can appear in wild encounters.

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As a Raid Pokémon : Unown Shiny will only be available after defeating raid bosses.

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How to make invitations to a remote raid?
By having the level allowed to invite your contacts, you will see the (+) button when entering the lobby of the remote incursion, either in private or public rooms. Once you have pressed this icon, a window will open with all your contacts and only five of them will be able to accompany you in this battle, no matter where you live.

You can play in Peru and invite your friend from the United States to a remote foray, but how do you know they want to play with you? If you are connected to Pokémon GO , a message will appear on the entire screen, with a pink background, mentioning that someone sent you the request to participate in a raid and if you are not connected, the same app will notify you. Be careful, this expires once the battle has started.

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Pokémon GO: soon your pokémons will look more real and can hide behind objects
Niantic, over the years, has made efforts to improve its augmented reality technology, a feature that is built into Pokémon GO . For this reason, the company has just announced that soon some trainers will be able to enjoy a novelty that will allow the Pokémon to look more real.

This is the new “Reality Blending” technology, which will take advantage of modern mobile device hardware to achieve occlusion. With this, your Pokémon can hide behind objects as if they were real creatures. For example, Pikachu may be behind a tree, but revealing part of its distinctive tail.

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Facebook viral: Pokémon GO users use ‘fake gps’ in full transmission of GO Fest 2020 and Niantic bans it
Amazing. Pokémon GO is viral on social networks for the GO Fest 2020, an event that has served as a lesson for a well-known youtuber, who used ‘fake gps’ in full live broadcast from Facebook when Niantic surprised him by banning his account. The fact has unleashed the ridicule of thousands of users.

Team Solo Ayax is the name of the youtuber who did not want to wait for the official start of GO Fest 2020 in his country and decided to ‘fly’ to New Zealand several hours in advance to secure a shiny Woobat in Pokémon GO ; however, his plan did not go the way he wanted.

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Pokémon GO: know how you can get pokémonedas completely free without leaving home
Pokémon GO will be renewed once again and thousands of fans of the augmented reality game explode with excitement. This is because Niantic confirmed that it will release a new system to get free pokémonedas without having to leave home. Do you want to know how? We explain it to you.

The statement that was published on the official website of Pokémon GO reveals that the tests carried out so far by Niantic have been satisfactory, so now users in Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan will have access to this new system to get pokémonedas

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