Pokémon GO: details of ‘Mega raids’, ‘Mega missions’, Mega evolutions and more are leaked

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Pokémon GO is about to introduce the sixth generation of creatures that takes place in the generation of Kalos . Thanks to the APK of update 0.185.0 of the augmented reality game, very interesting details have been discovered regarding the ‘Mega incursions’,’ Mega evolutions ‘, Mega investigations’, ‘Mega candies’ among other functions and objects.

PokeMiners, one of the most popular insiders in the Pokémon GO community , was the one who leaked very important information regarding the sixth generation and all the content that Niantic would be preparing in reference to the ‘Megas’.

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All content referring to ‘Megaevolutions’
Mega Badge

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Niantic would add two new badges to the video game. The first will be dedicated to the number of ‘ Mega Evolutions ‘ and another referring to the unique ‘Mega Evolutions’ completed. It is possible that the latter is dedicated to the legendary.

Mega Commissions

Pokémon GO will receive a mission to ‘mega evolve’ certain Pokémon; However, it is not yet clear whether through this challenge users will unlock an already mega-evolved creature or whether it must be done for each species of specimens that can acquire this aspect.

Mega time

Everything indicates that the ‘Megaevolutions’ will be temporary, and possibly the creatures will return to their regular form in Pokémon GO , although it is not specified how long they will last.

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Mega Evolved Pokémon are expected to receive a stat boost, but these would not be based on the creature’s base stats.


Creatures that have access to Mega Evolutions will have their own wallpaper, special title, and PC color in Pokémon GO ; In addition, sections dedicated to this phenomenon will be included in the Pokédex.

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Mega energy

Pokémon GO will receive a new button called ‘Megaenergy’, whose function is not specified in the video game codes, but some suggest that it is an exclusive movement that can be used in combat or if it refers to a certain amount of energy so that a pokémon acquires this temporary transformation.

Mega raids

Pokémon GO will have Mega raids and will be from level 1 to 5, similar to the current ones; however, it is not known whether creatures captured in this phase will retain their appearance permanently.

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Mega candies

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Another object that would be added to Pokémon GO would be the ‘mega-candies’, whose design is already in the codes of the augmented reality game and could be achieved through mega raids.

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Pokémon GO once again allows trainers around the world to choose the Pokémon that will star on Community Day in the months of September and October, as it already happened in February.

A few days ago, the Pokémon GO team had already announced the candidate Pokémon for the next Community Days. However, the voting system for choosing the protagonist creatures has now been revealed.

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