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pokemon go bad news

A Pokémon GO player has become famous on social media after he defeated Machamp in a level 4 raid. To accomplish his feat, the trainer used a MewTwo, a legendary psychic-type Pokémon .

If you are not familiar with Pokémon GO , you should know that raids (called ‘raid’ in English) is a game mechanic that allows you to capture a rare Pokémon after having defeated it in combat.

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Currently, there are five types of raids in Pokémon GO . The first three are quite simple and any coach can beat them without help, since the ‘raids’ have little level.

However, level 4 and level 5 raids are very complicated, to the point that it takes at least 4 players to complete them. To the surprise of thousands on social media, a young man did it alone.

As you can see in the video , a trainer named Mlb1991 used a very powerful dark MewTwo (4101 CP) to face a Machamp with CP 19707 and managed to defeat him, without using another pokémon .

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How could you do it? As detailed by Nintenderos , a portal specialized in video games , the secret of success lies in its pokémon . Being in his dark form, MewTwo has a 20% increase to his attack.

If Machamp is weak to psychic attacks (takes 160% of the usual damage), having as an opponent Dark MewTwo the damage is much higher. However, you also have to dodge a lot, as defense is usually down 20%.


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How to make invitations to a remote raid?

By having the level allowed to invite your contacts, you will see the (+) button when entering the lobby of the remote incursion, either in private or public rooms. Once you have pressed this icon, a window will open with all your contacts and only five of them will be able to accompany you in this battle, no matter where you live.

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You can play in Peru and invite your friend from the United States to a remote foray, but how do you know they want to play with you? If you are connected to Pokémon GO , a message will appear on the entire screen, with a pink background, mentioning that someone sent you the request to participate in a raid and if you are not connected, the same app will notify you. Be careful, this expires once the battle has started.

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Pokémon GO: what do the ‘free boxes’ that Niantic is giving away contain?
Thousands of Pokémon GO players are jumping with excitement, after learning that Niantic will soon be giving away a ‘mystery box’ on a daily basis. However, it is not the only novelty that the augmented reality video game has for its followers.

Through a statement, Niantic revealed that some Pokémon GO players will receive a special visit from Professor Willow, who will give them a special incense that will not appear in your bag, but will be activated immediately.


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