Pokémon GO date, time and bonus of Magikarp's Community Day

Pokémon GO date, time and bonus of Magikarp’s Community Day | pokemon go news gen 2

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pokemon go news gen 2

It’s official. The next event Pokémon GO has just been announced by Niantic and is the Community Day of Magikarp , aiming to add a new attack charged for Gyarados . Find out the date, time and bonuses of this August community day that can be played from home.

The confirmation was made through a graph published on the official website of Pokémon GO ; In addition, it is revealed that the Community Day of Magikarp will pay optional research Making a Splash !, name but still do not know what the rewards would be.

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Magikarp Community Day date and time
It was an open secret that this fish would have its community day in the augmented reality game again, which is a great opportunity to capture it with 100 IVs and thus have a Gyarados with perfect stats, and if you are lucky you can register it in its shiny variant.

The date chosen by Niantic for the Community Day of Magikarp in Pokémon GO is Saturday February 8 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, for six hours this water creature type appear more frequently in the game.

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What attack will Gyarados learn?
All users who evolve a Magikarp during the six hours of Community Day or two hours after the end of the Pokémon GO event will have the opportunity to get a Gyarados with the movement charged Aqua Cola.

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Magikarp Community Day Bonus
Reserve the Star Chunks you have, since the Gyarados pre-evolution Community Day will have a triple bonus of stardust to capture, an amount that will be doubled if you use the object in question.

Likewise, the duration of the incenses will increase to three hours and if you like to take pictures of the specimens you capture in Pokémon GO , a Magikarp may appear in the snapshot.

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How to make invitations to a remote raid?
By having the level allowed to invite your contacts, you will see the (+) button when entering the lobby of the remote incursion, either in private or public rooms. Once you have pressed this icon, a window will open with all your contacts and only five of them will be able to accompany you in this battle, no matter where you live.

You can play in Peru and invite your friend from the United States to a remote foray, but how do you know they want to play with you? If you are connected to Pokémon GO , a message will appear on the entire screen, with a pink background, mentioning that someone sent you the request to participate in a raid and if you are not connected, the same app will notify you. Be careful, this expires once the battle has started.

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Pokémon GO: Mega Evolutions and the sixth generation come to the video game
Pokémon GO will receive a new wave of creatures that come from the Kalos region. If you are a fan of anime and the games of the franchise, you may recognize this place, as it is where the sixth generation takes place, which inserts the Megaevolutions. Find out when this new content confirmed by Niantic will arrive.

The announcement of this new content was revealed during the Nintendo Pokémon Presents transmission, in which Niantic revealed what Mega Evolutions would be like in Pokémon GO in a city with buildings very similar to those of Kalos, the region where the sixth generation was developed.

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Pokémon GO Fest 2020: these are the ultrabonus weeks for completing the challenges
Pokémon GO will hold one of the most important events of the year this weekend, the GO FEST 2020. This will take place on July 25 and 26. Trainers will be able to capture powerful creatures in the wild, as well as complete global challenges.

Throughout Day 1 of Pokémon GO Fest 2020 , Trainers will have 32 Global Challenges that they can collaborate on to complete at the Global Challenge Stadium. After every eight challenges that are collectively completed, an additional week of Ultra Unlock events will be unlocked, for a total of three events. These will be the weeks of ultrabonus:a

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