Pokémon GO: Beedrill, the first pokémon to break the 10,000 PC fence in the game-pokemon go news

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Mega Beedrill has surprised hundreds of Pokémon GO players, after a video shows this Pokémon 11141 from PC being used in the GO Battle League Super League.
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12 Sep 2020 | 23:05 h
Total surprise in the Pokémon GO community . The hubbub about mega-evolutions in the augmented reality game continues at full blast and this is starring Mega-Beedrill , who manages to exceed 10,000 PCs . What is this about? We will tell you.

The PvPoke account on Twitter, known for providing information regarding the best pokémon stats to use in the GO Fighting League of the video game, shared the image of a Mega-Beedrill with more than 8,000 PCs .

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At first, many fans believed that it was a visual bug in Pokémon GO , since it was practically impossible for Beedrill to reach this number of combat points in the video game. However, there is already an answer and here we tell you.

As detailed by the well-known youtuber 8Bit CR, it is a PC boost that will receive the creatures that have access to megaevolution, but, for the moment, it is only available for Mega Beedrill ; his power in battle is already amazing.

How come Mega Beedrill reaches so much PC?

He explains that Pokémon GO is programmed for all Pokémon to reach level 45 at the most. So far so good. Now, when you mega-evolve a Pokémon, whatever it is, it will do so at level 44 and will go up one level with the PC booster at the time of obtaining the best companion ribbon.

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This also influences the combat power, since the game is not prepared to show PC level 45 and above, much less to reach figures that exceed 10,000 points as Mega-Beedrill does .

According to the youtuber, the pokémon in question does reach 12,227 PC with the boost. But the bow will not reach beyond level 45. Despite this, this is reflected in its statistics and can even be seen when we use the creature in a GO Battle League match.

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This is so incredible that a video on Twitter shows how a Mega-Beedrill with 11,141 PCs is taking on an Azumarill of approximately 1,474, whom he defeats with only basic attacks. Here we leave you what the user neverland_new shared.

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