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Niantic continues to provide more facilities to trainers around the world so that they can continue enjoying Pokémon GO without having to leave home. This Thursday, September 10, a new limited-time offer has been activated, players can buy three remote raid passes for just one Pokécoin .

The news had already been announced by Niantic itself , a few days ago, from its official Twitter account. “Trainers, next week, on September 10, we will launch a second pack of 3 Remote Raid Passes for 1 Pokécoin, ” the tweet read.

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However, this is not the only offer that Niantic has prepared , as it has promised that it will share more details about more special bonuses during the week of September 14, through its official channels.

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How to buy three remote raid passes for one Pokécoin?
The only requirement that you must meet to buy this special Pokémon GO package is to have at least one or more Pokécoins , and then access the in-game store to make the purchase. In case of not having enough balance, this pack can also be had with a micropayment of 1.99 soles.

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This 24-hour offer that Pokémon GO offers us is a great opportunity to have more than one remote raid pass, taking into account that these objects generally cost 100 Pokécoins each.

What is the remote raid pass for?
With a remote raid pass, trainers in the augmented reality game will be able to participate in raids that appear on the Nearby screen or that they can tap in the Map View. As is known, during September are available clashes with Pokémones legendary and megaevolucionados .a

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