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Not to believe. A 56-year-old man living in Japan was arrested by the police after he beat a young man with whom he was competing for a gym in Pokémon GO , the augmented reality video game developed by Niantic .

A lthough Pokémon GO does not have the same popularity a few years ago; However, it still has a number of fans who go out of their way to level up, even fighting over a ‘gym’.

According to the Pokéxperto , which takes the Sankei newspaper as its source , a 56-year-old man who plays Pokémon GO was arrested in Hokkaido , Japan , because he had a fight with a person who tried to get off his gym. What does this mean?

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If you are not familiar with Pokémon GO , you should know that there are 3 teams (Wisdom, Courage and Instinct) that fight to run a gym. If you have a good time as the leader of this venue, the game rewards you with several ‘pokémonedas’.

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According to the publication, the detainee who was identified as Kento Sato grabbed another Pokémon GO player by the neck and caused damage to his vehicle, this when he realized that they wanted to take away the gym.

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It is not the first time that a person has become so obsessed with Pokémon GO that they have had problems with the Police. In Peru, for example, during the quarantine to stop the advance of COVID-19 , a young man who was carrying out an incursion was arrested .

Incursions or raids are battles that a Pokémon GO player has against a rare or legendary Pokémon. Usually it takes several ‘coaches’ to overcome them; however, there are times when it can be done alone.

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Pokémon GO: why don’t pokémon repeat their name like in the anime? Here the answer

Not to believe. Unlike the anime , the pokémon that appear in Pokémon GO do not repeat their name, but rather emit a rather peculiar sound .. For a long time, this question was hovering in the heads of thousands of trainers and although Niantic still does not provide an official answer , here we tell you everything that is known. Do you want to know them? Keep reading this post.

The only exception to this rule is Pikachu , who for some reason does say his name; However, the rest of the creatures in Pokémon GO only emit a strange sound. Why does this happen? Niantic hasn’t provided an official explanation, but it’s most likely looking to continue the tradition.

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Pokémon GO: what do the ‘free boxes’ that Niantic is giving away contain?
Thousands of Pokémon GO players are jumping with excitement, after learning that Niantic will soon be giving away a ‘mystery box’ on a daily basis. However, it is not the only novelty that the augmented reality video game has for its followers.

Through a statement, Niantic revealed that some Pokémon GO players will receive a special visit from Professor Willow, who will give them a special incense that will not appear in your bag, but will be activated immediately.

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Pokémon GO: how to get rare candies the easy way
Since 2017, trainers around the world in Pokémon GO have a new formula to evolve their Pokémon in the game. These are the rare candies that, unlike the common ones, can be used on any creature. However, few players know the methods to obtain them. Do you want to know? Here we tell you all the details.

Normally, we use common candies to evolve the different Pokémon. This makes it easy to evolve creatures that appear more frequently like Pidgey, Cubone, and Growlithe, but it is much more difficult to do the same with rare and powerful.

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