Online events: a trend that is here to stay in the digital sector?

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Uncertainty. Possibly, this is the word that best defines our lives today, in all areas. Since Covid-19 entered the scene last March, nothing has been the same again. And, without a doubt, the new spikes in the case only increase this uncertainty about the future.

We feel uncertain about our future work , but also about our personal life plans. We do not know if the classrooms will reopen, if the unemployment figures will improve or not and if teleworking will continue . But, above all, it is difficult to imagine when we will attend a professional event in person again.

And the fact is that the pandemic has meant a stop in one of the most dynamic and essential activities in the digital sector, the holding of events . And, for that, you just have to remember the impact of the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in 2020. But… is there an effective and real alternative to hold events safely?

The takeoff of online events
Faced with the paralysis of the field of events and, although many did not take place or were delayed without a defined date, many companies began to hold events online .

For this reason, both during confinement and in the following months, we have witnessed the holding of all kinds of online events: from small webinars to other larger virtual meetings.

The truth is that the lack of presence has not been a detriment to many of them, who have even registered higher figures than in person. The possibility of reconciling and being able to follow an event from the comfort of home has greatly influenced this.

On the negative side, it is true that naturalness is lost, in addition to the human factor and the possibility of networking , undoubtedly one of the most valuable points of any event in the digital sector.

However, it seems that the trend of organizing events online continues. For example, for the first time, the Inspirational Festival of IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and communication association in Spain, will be held online.

Something similar happens with the Mobile World Congress , which this year was canceled due to the arrival of the pandemic in Spain. Apparently, the 2021 edition is already being prepared, which will take place in a hybrid way (in person and online for those who cannot travel).

We will have to wait to see if this trend is temporary or if it really is a practice that is here to stay. It may not be ideal for any event, but in many it is, since online costs are saved, it is easier to summon both speakers and attendees and it encourages accessibility for all.

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