Nintento Switch an improved version to be able to compete against PS5 and Xbox Series X

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This expanded version of the console is expected to hit the market next year.

Nintendo is working on a new version of its Switch game console, which is expected to be launched next year, with which it can compete in the market with the new ‘hardware’ from Sony and Microsoft.

The new console would be an update of Switch, with improvements in computational performance and 4k resolution, as reported by Bloomberg, which cites sources close to this matter.

The launch of this new game console would be planned for next year, following the launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which will hit the market for this year’s Christmas campaign.

The new Switch will also be accompanied by a new line of games, developed by both Nintendo and associated studios, and would cover different genres and audiences. This, according to the sources cited, would explain the more restrained ‘software’ launches of this year.

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