Nintendo announces Super Mario 3D All Stars by surprise as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary

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Mario , the Italian plumber created by Shigeru Miyamoto, celebrates 35 years as a great representative of Nintendo. In celebration, the Japanese video game company has announced Super Mario 3D All Stars , a compilation of its best three-dimensional games, as well as the relaunch of other key titles in its history.

Super Mario 3D All Stars will be available for Nintendo Switch on September 18, although it can be pre-ordered digitally from today. This will be how it will be distributed mainly, although there will also be a very limited edition in physical format.

The game collection is comprised of three key 3D titles: Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64), Super Mario Sumshine (Game Cube) and Supar Mario Galaxy (Wii) , which include graphical enhancements, the ability to listen to soundtracks, and more. control improvements.

In a strange twist very badly received by fans, Nintendo is only releasing this video game collection for a limited time, until March 31, 2021 . It cannot be purchased after that day in either physical or digital format.

In turn, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario All Stars , another compilation of Mario games originally released on Super Nintendo, will be available free to paid subscribers of Nintendo Online starting today. The games that are part of this set are: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros 3.

Nintendo has also confirmed that Super Mario 3D World , the only original Mario game released for the Nintendo Wii U console, will be transferred to Nintendo Switch and will go on sale on February 12, 2021 . It includes a new bonus content, Bowser’s Fury , of which no further details have been given, but it looks like it will be a set of new levels.

Before that date, Nintendo will sell a console portable Game & Watch very exclusive able to play Super Mario Bros . as a tribute to the original video game. It also allows you to play Super Mario Bros. 2, originally released only in Japan. It will cost 50 euros and will be available on November 13.

But Super Mario Bros., the original game, will not only be available in its classic format. Super Mario Bros. 35 is a special version of the game for Switch that Nintendo has rebuilt as a competitive online game in which 35 players will have to face each other to see who surpasses the screens of the mythical video game. They can beat each other up and compete with different strategies to be victorious, and those who are eliminated will be transferred to other games of other players, so the game never stops.

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