Netflix launches a new tool designed for the most indecesie user

Netflix launches a new tool designed for the most indecesie user

It is still in the testing phase but, with it, the ‘streaming’ service aims to reduce the time that some series and moviegoers spend deciding what they want to see.
A user of a streaming platform can spend hours scrolling through the series and movies catalog , undecided about what he wants to see. For these series and moviegoers, the audiovisual giant Netflix has launched a new tool that will help them choose what to watch.
The Reed Hastings platform has begun to implement an option that randomly selects content on televisions around the world . What is the basis for making this choice? Collects and tracks user data about their past tastes and preferences.

The tool is still in the testing phase , but with it, the video service aims to reduce the time that some subscribers spend deciding what they want to watch, something that, the company says, is closer to traditional television consumption than that Netflix intends to flee.

At the moment, the ‘random mode’ is only available in the Netflix applications of some televisions or devices connected to the small screen.

The random mode for undecided users is a new attempt by the platform to present new features in its application. Just a few months ago, in the midst of a pandemic, it was Chrome that launched a tool that promised to be innovative. Netflix, benefited by the pandemic
Netflix has become one of the great beneficiaries of the coronavirus crisis, the confinement measures have boosted the subscriptions in its service, the number of users and, as a result, the benefits. Only during the pandemic it achieved 16 million users , getting 26 so far this year.
At the end of March, and due to the confinement measures that promoted the consumption of this type of platform , the Google browser created what it called ‘Netflix Party’ . This, through an extension for Chrome – it was not developed by Netflix -, allowed to watch series in real time between groups of friends at a distance and, even, to comment on them.
The company’s profits have been located in the second quarter, as collected by ‘Vozpópuli’, at 720 million dollars (602.9 million euros), 166% more than in the same period last year , and the Cumulative earnings in 2020 are 1,429 million dollars (about 1,196 million euros).

In addition, he has managed to snatch the throne from HBO in the nominations of the most relevant awards on television, the Emmy Awards , in which he has made a total of 160 nominations.

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