The only photo of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon offered for auction


Hundreds of rare photographs documenting the “golden age of space exploration” are offered for auction at Christie’s. Among them are the very first space selfie ever captured and the only photo of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon.

Neil Armstrong Moon photo for auction

Are you passionate about space? Do you have some money to spare? This ad may interest you! Open for online auction until November 20, an incredible collection offered by the house of Christie’s consists of more than 700 lots reflecting the “golden age of space exploration”. Some photographs evoke the creation of NASA, others the Gemini and Apollo programs. Collected by private collector Victor Martin-Malburet, many of these photographs have never been seen before by the general public.

Unique pieces

The two main “pieces” in this collection are probably the first space selfie, captured by Buzz Aldrin in November 1966, and the only photograph of Neil Armstrong ever taken on the moon. We then observe the astronaut, standing near the Apollo 11 lunar module.

Victor Martin-Malburet paid tribute to them. “ Astronauts are often portrayed as great scientists and heroes, but let’s not forget that they are also great photographers,” he explained. “From their space capsules or confined in their EMU (spacesuit), they skillfully and daringly captured photographs that immediately embraced the iconography of the sublime, inspiring awe and wonder “.
Note that at the time photography was still analog, requiring chemistry sensitive to light, special films, and photographic papers. Also, American astronauts, including Aldrin and Armstrong, had received training before flying to space.

“ We had to make them understand the importance of knowing when and where to look to get the right shadow [to take a good photo],” said Farouk El-Baz, senior geologist for the Apollo program, recently. “ They did a good job. Neil Armstrong, in particular, was very thorough ”.

Between 37,800 and 63,000 dollars for the photo of Armstrong

James Hyslop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s in London, told CBS News that this famous photo of Neil Armstrong posted near the lunar module fell into oblivion after the July 1969 mission before finally redoing it. surfaced in the 1980s. According to him, it should now sell for between $ 37,800 and $ 63,000.

Among the other photographs proposed is also “The Blue Marble” (The Blue Marble), a famous photograph of our planet taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of Apollo 17, at a distance of approximately 45,000 km.

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