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The Nail polish is much more than simple cosmetic products that serve to color our hands. This type of product has a myriad of properties that give the nails numerous benefits, as well as a totally stylish look.

In addition, like any article, be it cosmetic or makeup, It can be used in a thousand different ways, but only some of them are the most appropriate, hence there are some explicit processes in which certain steps are provided to follow, continue. And of course, there are also different types of enamels, and in the world of nails the possibilities are endless, especially if we take into account that the variety of Nail polish that we can find on the market is almost inexhaustible.

How to choose Nail Polish?

Where do you pay attention to when choosing it? Of course, I think you choose the color you like, but there are some other points you should check. Here’s more details on how to choose the right Nail polish for you without having to try it on

1.Choose a color that suits to your skin tone

The color of nail polish depends on the color of your skin. The color that suits a slightly bluish fair-skinned person and the yellowish-skinned black person are different. First, find your favorite product  to match your skin tone.

2.Choose your favorite from the type of polish

It can be divided into several types according to effects and textures such as sheerness, glitter, and pearly look. This is an important part related to ease of painting. By knowing the difference, you can eliminate the mistake of not being able to paint well when you bought it! After checking the color that suits you and how easy it is to dry.

3.High-priced polish for coloring and holding!

Nail polish is sold even for 100 yen, but high-end brands and overseas cosmetics can cost thousands of yen. This price difference is the difference between “hue” and “longevity”. In the case of it that can be purchased at a small price, the color may be a common color or it may not last long, but expensive polish has a special color that makes it last longer.

Even if there is a slight difference in color, the atmosphere will change when you put it on your nails, so if you want to stick to the color, we recommend starting from around 1000 yen. Also, if you want to make it last longer without using a base coat or top coat, the higher one is the best. Petit price nail polish is easy to prepare in many colors due to its low price, so if you can firmly base and top, this is recommended.

Learn To Apply Nail Polish

  • Remove with the help of nail polish remover, any remaining polish that you have on your nails.
  • File and shape your nails as you like to wear them.
  • Apply a thin layer of Gel Effect  . You have more than 30 colors to choose your favorites of the season. Let dry and apply a second coat.
  • Finally, to reinforce the duration and shine of the gel-effect , apply a coat of Fantastic Gloss Effect Gel . Remember to do it every 3 days to preserve the color and shine of your nails.
  • Have fun trying out new colors and designs. Create your own nail trends and wear your flawless hands!


When buying it, I think most people choose from a balance between their favorite color and price. If you find a color you like, why not check whether it is easy to apply and the price range, and then choose a Nail polish that is one rank higher.

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