Nail polish strips

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What are nail polish strips?

Nail polish strips are an advanced way of applying nail polish. These new polish stripes are made as DIY manicures easy for people to get smudge and mess-free nail polish on hands and feet.

Nail Polish Strips Include what?

Nail polish strips include a base coat, a color coat, and a topcoat. They have the shine a regular wet nail polish does and they can easily be removed by a nail polish remover. These nail stripes come in different shapes and sizes so that one can easily find a strip according to their liking.

Nail stickers and nail stripes have a basic difference that is; nail stickers cannot be stretched as they have fixed widths but nail polish stripes can be stretched either lengthwise or widthwise. It can easily be removed and reapplied if it does not fit perfectly on one’s first try.

These nail stripes come in many different patterns either a solid color or a design. They can easily last for up to 7 days, but if one applied a top coat it can last for 10 days. They are not harmful to one’s nails.

Choosing the best nail polish strips:

  • Choose non-toxic polish strips
  • Choose one’s that are soft and easy to apply
  • Choose self-adhesive polish strips
  • Choose a company that shows better reviews

How to apply nail polish strips?

  • Read the instructions first regarding nail polish strips
  • Second, remove existing nail polish and clean them
  • File nails
  • Choose the size that fits best
  • Remove the strip and place it on the nails slowly
  • Remove air bubbles and wrinkles
  • Apply a top coat of nail polish strips and avoid touching water for about two hours


Concluding, nail polish stripes are way better and easier to wear and use different patterns than the old style of applying wet nail polish and worrying about nail art, and waiting for it to dry for hours.