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What is nail glue?

Nail Glue
Nail Glue

The days of going to the salon for manicure and nail art are gone far away now. People can easily do these at home in minimum time according to their liking and preference of style and design. Nail glue is made up of a chemical called cyanoacrylate that can be observed in other glue or super glue products that are normally used at home.

Despite the same chemical found in both types of glue, they differ in many ways. Nail glue is specifically designed to support nail growth and stick to nails very tightly. They are waterproof and they dry quickly. A clear nail polish and tape is a great alternative for it, if one does not have it.

How to make nail glue at home?

Step1: Cut one end of the cotton swab

Step2: Pour one cup of PVA glue in a large bowl

Step3: Add about 7.5ml clear nail polish to the glue bowl

Step4: Mix the ingredients well for about 2-3 minutes

Step5: Apply the it to the natural nail and the fake nail as well.

Step6: Store the leftover nail glue in a nail polish bottle

How to remove the nail glue?

Step1: Soak hands in warm water for about 15 minutes

Step2: Buff your nails gently to remove it.

Step3: now, soak in nail polish remover containing acetone for about 10 minutes

Step4: Brush the area gently to remove excessive glue

Step5: Moisturize skin. This will help remove any remaining glue on nails.

Nail Glue Conclusion:

Concluding the topic, experts say to avoid nail glue and fake nails as they tend to do damage to the nails. They should be used occasionally or in an emergency. One should prefer painting their nails as they can result to be healthier without any chemical use.

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