Muse M-315, a children’s speaker with personality

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One of the consequences of the explosion of the mobile market is the explosive chain reaction of adjacent and symbiotic markets. If a little more than a decade ago it was housings and polytones, now we are talking about more useful and technological peripherals. Portable speakers, in fact, are beginning to replace stereos and minicabs. Muse M-315 is a good way to start without spending a lot of money (about 39.99 euros, depending on the establishment).

Although its manufacturer has higher quality models, it does not hide its intentions with a childish design and limited functionality: listen to music, take calls and make beautiful. You do not contribute more because your audience does not need more.

Logically, the sound is not the best – sometimes it can be canned and the bass is not suitable for bassists – but it does more than meet what can be expected in this price range. At the limit of its sound capacity, its -examples- can wake up someone who is sleeping peacefully on the next floor. It should not be done, because in neighborhood relations harmony should prevail, but power, you can.

Without forcing the machine, the normal thing is that any normal-size room -or even something larger like the living room- can be set without having to turn up the volume to the maximum. This, by the way, must be done from the device that has been paired, as it does not have its own controls.

The design is cute and pleasant and in a way it is appreciated that it is an anonymous dog and not a miniature version of a character from a series or movie. This absence of a concrete personality is precisely what gives it its own personality. Those who prefer it also have a version with a sumo wrestler available.

The dominant material is a rigid plastic that only becomes rubber on the ears. Behind it appears the micro USB input (a pity that it is not type C, although it is still quite common in the mid and low ranges of any product), another auxiliary and the power and call reception buttons

The battery lasts between four and six hours, depending on the volume. Although it will be enough for any session, it should be borne in mind if we expect it to last a day out, as it will probably run out before we do.

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