Mosquitoes: what works and what doesn’t so they don’t suck our blood

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We tell you the tactics and devices that repel them and those that are ineffective or directly scam.
This year the mosquitoes have come up and are massacring us throughout the national territory, whether on the beach, in the mountains or in the countryside. The blame is on the coronavirus and the confinement to which it has forced us, which has prevented the clearing and drying of ponds from being carried out in spring, with which we have given the mosquito larvae the ideal environment to thrive until they are legion.
So we are arming ourselves with all kinds of concoctions, ointments, potions, candles and devices in the shape of a flying saucer in order for the tiger mosquito and other members of its family to leave us at the end of the summer without blood and with more craters than the far side of the moon.

Now, the inevitable question is: does all this that I just bought really work? To find out, you will have to watch the following video, where we tell you about it, although as always we offer you the news in text .

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