More gender equality and less discrimination

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Last Friday, more than 200 employees Pinterest expressed their solidarity with three former colleagues who accused the company of racial and sexual discrimination , as reported The New York Times .

In addition, most of these employees have joined the anonymous campaign launched on, directed at Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest , and whose objective is to achieve a change in the company’s policies. To date, 430 people have signed the petition.

The claims also included a virtual stoppage by the staff, who disconnected from the platform. And is that all these actions are the result of a growing climate of discontent among workers, who demand lawsuits to end discrimination and sexual harassment, but also advocate for greater transparency in financing and in the management of resources.

Critical voices are raised

The accusations against Pinterest have had a great media coverage , especially in the United States, where the company’s headquarters are located, valued at $ 21 billion. This scandal not only affects workers but also some high-ranking officials of the company .

Former Pinterest COO Fran├žoise Brougher filed a lawsuit this week, accusing the company of sex discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination . In The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity , posted on the Digital Diplomacy blog , Brougher states: “Pinterest executives, even at the highest levels, are marginalized, excluded and silenced.”

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