Michael Cohen publishes a book accusing Trump of being racist: “Tell me a country governed by blacks that is not done shit”

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No one has done as much to promote the healthy habit of reading as the President of the United States, Donald Trump . Or, if not reading, yes at least the acquisition of books. Here are some figures of the ‘best-sellers’ that the head of state and the US government has generated. ‘Fuego y Furia’ , by journalist Michael Wolff (translated into Spanish by Peninsula), has sold four million copies in two and a half years; ‘Fear’ (‘Fear’), by Bob Woodward , two million in two years; ‘The Room Where It Happened’ , by former National Security Advisor Michael Bolton, a million copies in two and a half months. ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ by the president’s niece, Mary Trump , 1.3 million copies in one week.

For a book on Trump to be a success it must meet two criteria. One: tell gossip from the White House or the president’s family and put it back and a half. Because Trump’s first term has generated 1,200 titles, that is, two and a half times that of Obama , but only the volumes that meet that requirement have been ‘best-sellers’. And two: that whoever writes it – or filters it – is a former high-ranking government official. If Trump said in August 2016 that “I’m only going to surround myself with the best and most serious people,” we can only hope that when he leaves the White House – in 2021 or 2025 – the world of headhunters will not be dedicated.

The next book on – or against – Trump written by a former adviser of his is titled ‘Disloyal’ , that is, ‘Unfair’, which will be on sale tomorrow in the United States. The publisher, Skyhorse, has already printed 600,000 copies. The author is Michael Cohen , Trump’s former ‘fixer’ when the now president was engaged in private business and also during his election campaign.

A ‘fixer’ is literally a ‘man for everything’ . And, also, a ‘achiever’. Or, as Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) says to Captain Benjamin Willard in the Francis Ford Coppola film ‘Apocalypse Now’, “an errand boy who is sent to collect the bills by shopkeepers.” This is how Cohen was sentenced in 2019 to three years in prison for lying under oath to Congress – to protect Trump -, document falsification and tax fraud. Since February, he has been serving a sentence under house arrest for the coronavirus , although he returned to jail for two weeks in July. Cohen appealed that decision, claiming that it was a revenge of the Department of Justice for having written the book against Trump, and the judge ordered his immediate return to his home.

In relation to the president’s bibliography, ‘Disloyal’ has the advantage that it describes what Trump was like before he moved into the White House . But from what Skyhorse has leaked to the press, there are few new revelations. And much morbid: visits to strip clubs with shows of ‘yellow rain’ (once again) , in the company of Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin ; praise from the president of his daughter Ivanka’s “amazing ass” when she was 15; and racism against Hispanic American immigrants and blacks summed up in phrases like “tell me a country that is ruled by blacks and is not screwed up” and “Latinos are, like blacks, too stupid to vote for Trump”

The book also explains how Cohen paid $ 130,000 (110,000 euros) to the pornographic actress Stormy Daniels not to disclose a sexual relationship he had with her just when he had just fathered his son, Barron, with his third wife, Melania.

According to Cohen, the president despises the Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandela , who ended the system of discrimination against non-white people in South Africa in 1992. When Mandela passed away in 2013, Trump said he did not consider the former South African president a true leader. “Mandela screwed up the country,” said Trump, according to Cohen’s account. “He screwed up.” Trump’s obsession went so far as to record a video with a fake Obama double in which he fired him from his job.

The tape was sent to the Republican Party for screening at the 2012 Convention where Mitt Romney was elected as a candidate. Those responsible for the act, finally, decided not to show, and instead opted for a no less surreal – although more presentable – monologue than the actor and film director Clint Eastwood speaking with an empty chair.

One of the most curious aspects of Cohen’s memoirs is that the author will benefit financially from him, through copyright and through interviews, conferences or other public events related to the book, despite the fact that in the work Trump’s former ‘consigliere’ describes different crimes and possibly gives information that may be useful for others to commit. In other words, ‘Disloyal’ can be something of a fraudster’s manual.

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