Melania Trump’s green dress that becomes the target of attacks on the president

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The first lady’s garment has been versioned on the networks with images of the president with Jeffrey Epstein or the death toll from coronavirus. Elizabeth II also suffered these taunts.
A military-style dress by Alexander McQueen and another fuchsia by Jason Wu have been Melania Trump’s bets during the different days of the Republican Convention. But for the last day the first lady wanted to wear a riskier option : a fluorine green dress by Valentino, pleated and with a cape, which exceeds 2,000 euros. However, the intentions of Donald Trump’s wife to attract attention with her outfit have been overshadowed by the large number of memes that have flooded social networks, as they have seen in the garment a way of making fun of the presidential marriage by resembling the color to that of a chroma, the green screens used in film and television to add special effects or images.
So users have added to the dress from the weather forecast to the campaign image of Joe Biden , who will be Trump’s Democratic rival in the race for the White House. But the videos and photographs that circulate on the Internet also address more sensitive topics: such as the death toll in the United States from the coronavirus pandemic or the logo of the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter . The American program The Daily Show , presented by comedian Trevor Noah, has shared a video on his Instagram account in which you can see images of Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the late billionaire who sexually abused minors. “Melania’s fashion choices always send a message,” can be read in the program’s publication.

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