Lidl surprises with the new Silvercrest smart bracelet

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Lidl has accustomed its most loyal customers to technological products that give good results, since they present good quality and have very competitive prices.

Lidl slow cooker.
The slow cooker that sweeps Lidl and competes with the Crock-Pot for 34.99 euros
The well-known kitchen robot, Monsieur Cuisine, immediately comes to mind, but it is not the only thing. The supermarket company has surprised buyers with the new Silvercrest smart bracelet , which can now be purchased online.

This bracelet, which only costs 19.99 euros , has a multisport mode for walking, running, cycling or hiking. Thus, it records the number of steps taken, the calories burned, the duration of the activity and the hours of sleep.

The activity monitor bracelet is adjustable and the TFT screen is in color. It has an optical sensor to measure heart rate and pulse. It weighs 23 grams and has dimensions of 4.27 cm long, 2.04 cm wide and 1.3 cm thick.

In reference to the materials, it is made of stainless steel, TPU, ABS and PC and is available in three colors: pink, gold and silver.

Among other features, the new Lidl smart bracelet indicates the date, time, weather and displays notifications of calls, messages , calendar entries and social media posts on the color screen .

Like other smart bracelets, it calculates your daily movement goal and sends reminders to encourage movement. In addition, it has a medication-taking reminder function.

As for the battery, it is integrated, it is made of lithium polymer and has a durability of up to 15 days of operation in standby mode . It charges directly via a built-in USB connection. It is also protected from water according to the IP67 standard.

Lastly, it connects via Bluetooth, is available for iOS and Android, and users have the free download of the bracelet app available. a

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