Laser, touch screen and app: now even drills are smart

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The tendency to give ‘intelligence’ to all kinds of products and tools, from cars to refrigerators, has reached a new sector: construction. xDrill , a drill approaching $ 100,000 in funding raised on Kickstarter , is the proof.

The design is practically identical to that of a normal drill because, as explained in a promotional video, they wanted to respect a model that has hardly changed over the years due to its stability. So instead they devoted themselves to adding tools (forgive the redundancy) and additional functions.

xDrill can run at speeds between 600 and 2,000 revolutions per minute and this can be programmed automatically depending on the material and bit to be drilled and used (respectively, of course) or manually.

The ‘intelligence’ of this drill comes in part thanks to a component that many traditional brands already use: the laser pointer. In this case it uses two, one rotating under the drill and the other at the bottom, which allows the height to be measured.

In this way, by choosing where to start drilling, xDrill is able to know both how far it is from the ground and how far it is from the side walls. That is, only with lasers could it allow level drilling without the need for a level, tape measure or a pencil.

Regardless, the smart drill also has a level on its inevitable touchscreen. From this you can select the centimeters or inches that you want to penetrate any surface and xDrill will stop automatically when it reaches that distance.

Also, when making diagonal incisions it is possible to save that configuration to repeat holes with the same angle. All this can be stored in an application that will allow measurements to be taken anywhere.

At the moment xDrill can only be purchased through Kickstarter, where it has a price of 399 Canadian dollars (approximately 253 euros) in its basic model. Of course, as usually happens in the financing platform, the shipment, which would occur in February 2021, is not guaranteed, as the project could fail.

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